PHA in Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen

By Susan Frizzell

Instead of cooking, could you do a PHA (Process Hazard Analysis) in Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen? What if a facilitator called everyone names, screamed “shut it down” and walked out?
As I sit watching Gordon Ramsay in Hell’s kitchen, I contemplate his reasoning for being so brash and blunt. Quality. Expectations. Passion. Would we act differently if we put the same emotion into our everyday tasks knowing that our lives, or someone else’s, depends on it? How do the employees of Adley include those three qualities as PHA Facilitators? Mr. Ramsay has high-quality standards for his ingredients. To create a good product, you have to start with quality input. Quality begins with each person putting their best self forward, which is attained through shared knowledge and experiences. Clients don’t just get one of us; they get all of us. We strive to be the best in our field by continually investing in ourselves and each other.


Just as I would expect to have a fantastic meal at one of Gordon’s restaurants, Adley Services’ clients have high expectations based on our reputation. We don’t try to do everyone’s job, but we do our job right. Many people dread sitting through a PHA, and we show up prepared and motivated. We have changed so many minds. Operators leave our PHAs with a better understanding of engineered controls; Engineers leave our PHAs with an appreciation for day-to-day operations; Management values our efficiency and results.


Quality and expectations are nothing without passion. Passion comes from the love for what one does. Passion is expressed as a culture. Gordon Ramsey has a passion for pleasing the pallet through quality ingredients and exceptional service. Each of us at Adley personally wants to ensure the safety of those around us. We love what we do and push each other to be better. We share the passion for safety in every PHA we facilitate. We are very keen to recognize those whose passion is waning and do our very best to reignite their passion. Sometimes this can result in very spirited PHA’s that don’t prove very easy to facilitate. However, passion is the main ingredient for a thorough, well thought out PHA and welcome it. If the participants are going through the motions, they will move themselves to a disaster that is foreseeable and preventable.


A few traits of Mr. Ramsay’s management style can be easily identifiable in Adley’s day to day activities. One is that he demands consistency. We do not cut corners on PHA’s. We know that we have to put our name and signature on each and every PHA report that results from a PHA we facilitate. We want to make sure, just like a patron at Mr. Ramsay’s restaurant, that every product is as good or better as the next one. We will not tolerate or justify subpar work. As Adley’s president states, “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.” Nothing leaves the Adley’s “kitchen” unless it is made to the highest standards in the industry. Another trait of Mr. Ramsay is his commitment to using only the finest, freshest, ingredients. During our PHA’s, we commit to only using the latest software, top of the line audio/video equipment and having our facilitators trained and quality controlled to the highest level in the industry. These “fresh ingredients” do not guarantee success, but their absence is a recipe for failure.

I am pretty sure I could not live up to Mr. Ramsay’s quality and expectations in the kitchen (actually, I know I can’t). But I would give Adley a Michelin Star Rating on PHA Facilitation. Quality people are exceeding expectations and loving every minute of it. Contact us for a free consultation on how Adley Services can help you with your PHA.