Who quarantined my PHA? Not today Coronavirus!

Let Adley Services “uncancel” your PHA today!

By Susan Frizzell

We had a PHA canceled due to a travel ban. I quickly got on the phone and told all of the team members that it was uncanceled. Employers are asking employees to limit non-essential travel and this should not affect your PHA. You do not have to cancel your PHA because you cannot get the team assembled in one location. Remote PHA to the rescue!

Adley Services has dealt with many different types of “travel bans” by conducting PHA’s remotely for years. We utilize virtual technology to gather a team together. All members of the team are connected via screen-sharing and video conference tools that allow a similar experience as all of us being in the same room. The main benefits of Remote PHA are:

No travel costs
• Flexible Scheduling
• Expert Facilitators (who also happen to be engineers at Adley Services)

The reasons for conducting Remote PHAs may change, but the process remains the same. Today we see restricted travel due to the Coronavirus.
Other reasons we conduct Remote PHAs include:

The PHA team is distributed across the country. Technical expertise may not be located at each facility. Operations may be required to remain at a hazardous location in case of an emergency. The site may be remote where travel is difficult. Whatever the reason your team is not in one place, Remote PHA can bring them together with no travel expense.
PHA scheduling can be a nightmare. Finding time on the calendar when everyone is available can be exponentially difficult when travel is involved. Remote PHA allows a team to meet for a few hours per day or only a few days per week, while still allowing time to complete normal work duties. Committing a team for a solid week or more is nearly impossible. Allowing people to come together for a few hours per day over the course of a few weeks removes the anxiety of getting behind. We have experienced more focus during our shortened Remote PHA days when time is given each day to conduct daily tasks or deal with work obligations which also reduces time away from family for business travel.
PHA quality control. Corporations can manage consistency in PHAs throughout their different locations. What better way to ensure uniform hazard recognition, than by utilizing a similar PHA team make-up who can sit in on different facility PHAs, standardize the methodology, and collaborate on risk reduction, company-wide. Remote PHA also provides an opportunity for training at all levels and for all participants.

Call me at 713-258-7770 or email me to discuss how we can facilitate your Remote PHA by remote participation of the team members if your PHA is disrupted by quarantine, travel ban, another global epidemic. We will produce a better product with lower stress to your team members at a lower cost to you. We stand by our services and guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised as to the benefit and outcome.

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