5 Reasons Why to Hire an Engineering Firm

COVID has caused many firms to have layoffs and has challenged many engineering firms with managing workload. Here’s how hiring an external engineering firm may be your best decision yet.

The hazardous chemical industry has made cutbacks due to the pandemic and its effect on supply and demand. Industrial, manufacturing and processing companies are delaying projects, reducing staff, and ramping down production to survive the current downturn. During this uncertain time, it is imperative to maintain the integrity of hazardous systems. Facilities and assets must continue to run safely and smoothly. OSHA and EPA requirements still need to be followed. Facing these tasks with a smaller workforce can be daunting. Hiring a specialized outside engineering firm may offer several solutions.

One-Stop Shopping

Is your organization headed into the fourth quarter with a leaner staff to finish projects, continue operations, conduct equipment maintenance, and oversee other activities? If the in-house engineering department has been minimized, furloughed, or laid off, many of these activities may suffer. Hiring an outside engineering firm can solve a host of challenges with one phone call or email. You will get instant access to a seasoned team of technical professionals who know the industry’s requirements and can step in quickly to finish up projects and keep things running efficiently.

Reduced Hiring Costs

In this era of razor-thin margins and uncertain market conditions, companies are reducing staff, freezing new hiring, and doing everything they can to reduce payroll expenses. Utilizing an outside engineering firm can save substantial hard costs such as payroll processing, benefits administration, unemployment, and workers’ compensation. Furthermore, the external engineering team won’t require training or onboarding. You will only pay for the services rendered on a project-by-project basis, allows your organization the flexibility to respond to market changes and ramp up or pull down quickly, without incurring additional payroll expenses.

Keep in Compliance

Neglecting compliance matters can have serious repercussions. OSHA, EPA, and other industry regulations are still in effect, and safety issues are always a top concern when working with or around hazardous chemicals. A minimized staff may not have the time, experience, or ability to run a robust safety program. The best way to stay up-to-date on compliance and safety standards is to hire a specialist. Look for an engineering firm specializing in this industry to handle various services, including process hazards analysis, review management of Change (MOC) requests, and regulatory compliance.

Evaluate Reduced Production

The process of running lower than your normal system design capacity is fraught with uncertainty. Unlike a water tap, reducing the system capacity can affect system efficiency. It is essential to establish a detailed strategy for changes in production rates above or below system capacity since numerous aspects may impact operations. Partner with an engineering firm that understands the process and pitfalls of reduced production rates.

Take Advantage of Downtime

When production returns, the productivity, and efficiency of systems will be more important than ever. Extended shut-in periods may offer an opportunity to perform tests and analysis to gain data that can be used to improve performance and optimize the production system. An engineering optimization analysis can check every part of the facility and identify areas that can be improved.

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