What is Full-Service Engineering?

Full-Service Engineering

Adley Services is a Full-Service Engineering Firm. Engineering means that we are problem solvers. Full-Service means that we can solve all of your problems. We have services that we specialize in, but that list is far from complete from covering the list of services that we are willing and capable of doing. We have gained diverse experience by identifying and solving one problem at a time.

Our clients hire us to solve a specific problem. Once we learn about their system to fix the first one, we identify ways to make their system more efficient and safer. Here is a look at a sample of services that we offer in a few specific engineering disciplines.

Mechanical Engineering

About half of our Adley team consists of mechanical engineers, each with history and experience from aerospace to energy to manufacturing to refrigeration to telecommunications. They have taken the role of project team managers, design engineers, field supervisors, and regulatory specialists.

Some of the problems that they have solved for clients include:
• Designed and integrated new pressure vessel, pumps, and storage tank into an existing system
• Conducted regulatory reviews for the most stringent federal agencies
• Participated in Process Hazards Analysis as the technical lead or the facilitator
• Optimized a process flow to increase run-time
• Reviewed Management of Change (MOC) documents for technical correctness

Chemical Engineering

Adley chemical engineers understand your process. We have worked in petroleum refineries, chemical plants, and operations involving hazardous chemicals.

Do you need help with any of the following:
• Vent studies. Is your relief system designed for the capacity it needs in the event of an overpressure scenario?
• Energy balances. Is your system running efficiently? Why aren’t you getting the throughput you expect?
• Air permitting. Are you following the EPA regulations for air quality and monitoring?

Electrical Engineering

Is your site compliant with that National Electric Code? Our electrical engineers can design new electrical systems, review existing systems to add new electrical components or prepare temporary electrical packages.

Some of our deliverables include:
• Electrical Area Classification Drawings
• Electrical One-Line Diagrams
• Temporary Generator Hook-up Schematics

Civil Engineering

When your work involves work in the ground, Adley civil engineers are there.

• Foundation design for new additions or failure remediation
• Stormwater planning and permitting for regulatory compliance
• Siting plans for optimized equipment placement

Structural Engineering

Adley Structural engineers know how to design steel structures for harsh conditions, such as coastal areas with hurricane wind factors and salty, corrosive environments to locations that see massive snowstorms.

• Structural design and review
• Skid support for loading and transportation

Environmental Engineering

When you need technical review for regulatory permits, Adley engineers can help.
• OSHA PSM Plans and Audits
• EPA RMP Plans and Audits
• BSEE Compliance Submittals
• State and local level environmental quality permits
• Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans

Instrumentation and Controls

Our instrumentation engineers know what devices to select for specific applications. Our controls engineers can help integrate them into your system. We have helped implement process controls that take the human factor out of the equation by making the response automatic instead of requiring operator intervention. We have made our client’s system run at better defined normal operating conditions to prevent upsets and nuisance alarms.

What we do:
• Instrumentation specification and procurement
• PLC control logic

Engineering Support

Supporting our staff of full-service engineers is a team of designers, drafters, and technical assistants.
Our expertise does not stop at engineering. We can help with so much more.

• We have the best Design and Drafting Services in the business. They know P&IDs, flow diagrams, facility layouts, area classification, safety equipment location plans, isometrics, bill of materials, piping plans and sections, skid elevations and details, permit schematics, and many more.
• We have engineers, techs, and designers that can build your site and create drawings from scratch.
• Our technical writers can assist with operating procedures, technical reports, testing logs, and project databooks.
• We have inspectors with a wide range of capabilities, API 653, API 610, etc.
• We have project and construction managers to keep your project running on schedule and within budget.

You won’t find a more well-rounded group of thinkers and doers from the office to the field than you will at Adley Services. When you come to us to find a solution, the answer is Yes, We Can Help.