Adley Services – A Full-Service Engineering Firm

Adley Services is a full-service engineering firm that can keep your workers safe and your facility in compliance. Our services include Process Safety Management, Process Safety Information and Operating Procedures, PHA Facilitation, MOC Reviews, Compliance Audits, and other engineering solutions.

Process Safety Management

Remaining compliant with shifting federal and state safety regulations is a daunting task for any business. An effective PSM system can enhance the safety of your operation, increase productivity, and improve quality. Adley Services will ensure your PSM program complies with the latest regulations.

We have teams available to perform field assessments and facility walk-downs, including seamless cooperation with operations personnel. Adley’s qualified Process Safety Management (PSM) professionals specialize in OSHA 1910.119 based program audits and assembling audit finding solution packages. We

Adley takes a proactive approach to safety and will help you comply with local, state, and federal PSM regulations.

Find out how we can keep your workers safe and your facility in compliance.

Process Safety Information and Operating Procedures

Written process safety information (PSI) is a critical component of any PSM program. It is the basis for all other elements of PSM. Highly hazardous chemical documentation is required by the standard and essential to relay information about risks workers may face at their job.

Adley can prepare documentation that includes all pertinent chemical information, safe limits of operation, and causes and consequences of deviation. We have engineering and drafting readily available to create or modify P&IDs, flow diagrams, electrical classification drawings, and more. We can review your safety system against industry standards and good engineering practices.

Adley can generate operating procedures with appropriate steps for all operating phases. We can incorporate precautions, operational functions, and quality control measures.

Give us the change to review your PSI for gaps and make your process safer.

PHA Facilitation

Catastrophic accidents can result in loss of life, destruction of property, and financial ruin. To protect against these occurrences, you must evaluate possible scenarios caused by equipment failures, human errors, and external events. A Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) is a critical first step to identify potential hazards.

Adley Services employs a team of highly experienced Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) facilitators, technical guides, and scribes. Adley works with each customer to accommodate any level of detail to satisfy Subpart S, PSM, or client-specific requirements. Our specialization in hazard analysis includes:
• Full facility hazops/hazids
• PHA revalidations
• What-ifs
• Project-specific hazard reviews

A PHA is essential, but it shouldn’t slow down your daily operations. Our Remote PHA option provides a better product at a better price without compromising safety. Adley Services utilizes Webex, a secure platform that facilitates team video meetings, a whiteboard, screen sharing, chat room, and more.

Adley will accommodate your PHA team members at our location, your site, or virtually.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to review your PHA needs.

MOC Reviews

Large loss of containment events are often triggered by changes in process chemicals, technology, equipment, procedures, number of staff, or operating conditions. Management of Change (MOC) ensures that risks and hazards are properly controlled when these changes are made. Under OSHA‘s Process Safety Management (PSM) standard, performing MOC is required when making any changes that could raise the risk levels of existing hazards, or introduce new hazards.

Our engineers are well-versed in MOC process safety protocols and requirements. We also understand that MOCs are interrelated to other process engineering and process safety deliverables. We can conduct a MOC for a small change or a large capital project. Our engineers can also resolve your open MOC action items. No project is too small, and we can be brought in at any stage of the action item.

Adley’s engineers work quickly and efficiently to accomplish research tasks, review options, work with operations, and report back with recommendations, datasheets, and procurement information.

Let us guide you through change with an efficient and accurate MOC.

Compliance Audits

Who better to review your PSM process, than an engineer well versed in PSM? We provide an extra set of technical eyes with solutions to your audit findings. We are trained in audit protocol. We work efficiently with your team to identify gaps in your PSM program with minimal involvement from your team. We show up prepared to complete your audit.

If you conduct an internal audit or use another third party, we can assist in completing action items to get your facility in compliance.

Don’t wait until your next 3-year audit cycle to get your audit findings completed. Adley can help.

Experience That Counts

With more than 20 years in the industry, Adley is your full-service engineering solution provider. We can be your trusted partner on large, multi-discipline projects. We can also be your one-stop-shop for smaller tasks that require an engineering review.

Adley Services is dedicated to earning your trust in every project, regardless of the size or scope.

Rely on us for all of your engineering needs.