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Remote PHA provides a better product at a better price without compromising safety.

We have Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) facilitators, technical guides, and scribes available to assist you remotely.  Our experience in hazard analysis includes full facility hazops/hazids, PHA revalidations, what-ifs, and project-specific hazard reviews. We accommodate any level of detail to satisfy Subpart S, PSM, or client-specific requirements. Not interested in a Remote PHA? We also serve our clients by providing an on-site PHA.

How does it work?

Adley Services utilizes Webex, a web and videoconferencing which allows for a video meeting along with a whiteboard, screen sharing, chat room and more. We are also flexible to use your existing system.

Benefits of a remote PHA?

  • No travel costs
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Expert Facilitators (Who are also Adley Services Engineers)

Let us answer your questions regarding our Remote PHA. Schedule a complimentary consultation with our team.


FAQ’s for Remote PHA’s:


How much extra is the remote PHA?

There is no additional expense associated for a remote PHA. However, you will save considerably as there is no travel expense, meals, etc.

What are some of the psychological challenges are unique to a PHA?

Keeping people focused can be a challenge during a PHA. We recently conducted a PHA with a group of foreigners who were jetlagged. It did make it tough. This is where the remote PHA could help as we would be able to conduct the PHA during their time zone. The remote PHA give you the ultimate flexibility while saving on travel expenses associated with an on-site PHA.

How long will a remote PHA take?

The remote PHA will take 4-6 hours as recommended – the same as an onsite PHA. We will take breaks and lunch during this period as well. We may or may not operate on consecutive days and offer flexibility depending on the endurance and stamina of the team involved. We have found that remote PHA’s reduce external stresses of travel and the chance for an uncomfortable environment. This allows the individuals involved to remain more focused. They are in their own office.

What do you do with confidential documents that are not able to be put into digital form?

We do not often see this. However, we have seen it with manufacturing of hi-tech products that are not patented. We also have seen this with companies who are risk sensitive. If this is a document that is for your eyes only, we will use a webcam on it and will make sure all recording is turned off or we can simply have it read out loud. We have access to the highest level of encryption if needed. We also work with the safety manager to try and accommodate to a level of requested security comfort. We ask for you to be our guide.

If you start a remote PHA, do you finish remote or do you come onsite?

We may start onsite for the first week and then go remote and then return onsite for completion. With a onsite and remote combined PHA, you receive the best of both worlds. Our team is flexible to meet your needs either way.

What is the recommended equipment required?

Communication equipment – phone or videoconferencing equipment

Additional Monitor(s) – second or third monitor with an extended desktop

What are you going to do for a network outage?

It would depend on reason for the outage. We will temporarily take a break until the network is back up. We can continue by phone if it is possible. Our Webex software also works through an app via cell which is another option. If not, we will reconvene when the network is back up.

What do you when we need field verification?

Adley Services provides PHA for onshore and offshore facilities. With the remote PHA, we can do the same for offshore facilities. Usually, the operators all have laptops and are able to videoconference.

How do you see our team during a remote PHA?

We utilize Webex which allows us to share a live video, whiteboard, chat and more. Contact us and we can show you a demonstration.

What if my company is already setup on Skype or other teleconferencing software?

Skype is integrated into the Microsoft Office environment and quite popular. Our team is flexible and can utilize your existing teleconferencing software.

What is needed for a quote for remote PHA?

Technical capabilities will be a discussion we will need to determine prior to providing a quote for a remote PHA. We usually can provide a quote within 1-2 business days.

Is the remote PHA session recorded?

PHA’s must be documented, not recorded. If a client asks us to record the meeting, we are able, but might advise against it without senior engineer management approval.

Do you need special software for a remote PHA?

No, everything is managed through the web.

Still have questions regarding our Remote PHA? Schedule a complimentary consultation with our team.