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Tips for Internal PSM Audit Preparedness

 By Adele Mayeaux Does your process safety management (PSM) audit have you concerned, and are you unsure what to do? Well, you have come to the right place. We have sat on both sides of the audit table, and we can give you a…

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PHA in Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen

By Susan Frizzell Instead of cooking, could you do a PHA (Process Hazard Analysis) in Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen? What if a facilitator called everyone names, screamed “shut it down” and walked out? As I sit watching Gordon Ramsay in Hell’s kitchen, I contemplate…

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New Year’s Resolutions for the Workplace

By Susan Frizzell Is this the year your PSM program quits smoking and loses weight? As we enter a new year and a new decade, we all contemplate New Year’s Resolutions to be a better self. We decide to adopt healthier eating habits and…

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