Facilities Engineering and Design for Oil & Gas

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Facilities Engineering and Design

Building oil and gas infrastructure requires significant capital investment. Adley Services knows that speed to market, efficiency, and safety are critical factors. Ensure that your project has the best outcome by partnering with our Adley facilities engineering and design team specializing in oil & gas.

Adley Services has a proven track record of completed projects and satisfied customers around the world. Our designs include offshore and onshore facilities for single and multiple well sites, processing facilities, and gathering/sales facilities. Members of the Adley team have extensive experience and can handle the most challenging production issues, including shelf and deepwater projects. Adley engineers also have experience with refinery processes and industrial and manufacturing design.

We cover all equipment from the wellhead to the pipeline: Flowlines, Separators, Heat Exchangers, Dehydration, Compression, Liquid Handling, Liquid Storage, Relief Systems, Fuel Gas, Water Disposal, Sales Metering, Pipelines, Interconnecting Piping, Instrumentation, and Engineered Components, Safety Controls

No two projects are the same. Adley focuses on listening to our customers and delivering the best solution for each unique situation.

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PHA Facilitation

Catastrophic accidents can result in loss of life, destruction of property, and financial ruin. To protect against these occurrences, you must evaluate possible scenarios caused by equipment failures, human errors, and external events. A Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) is a critical first step to identify potential hazards.

Adley Services employs highly experienced Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) facilitators, technical guides, and scribes. Adley works with each customer to accommodate any level of detail to satisfy Subpart S, PSM, or client-specific requirements. Our specialization in hazard analysis includes:

  • Full Facility HAZOP/HAZID
  • PHA Revalidations
  • What-ifs
  • Project-specific hazard reviews

A PHA is essential, but it should not slow down your daily operations. Our Remote PHA option provides a better product at a better price without compromising safety. Adley Services utilizes Webex, a secure platform that facilitates team video meetings, a whiteboard, screen sharing, chat room, and more.

Adley will accommodate your PHA team members at our location, your site, or virtually.

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Production and Electrical Safety System Compliance

Keeping your upstream facility’s production and electrical systems in compliance with state and federal safety regulations are complicated and time-consuming. Adley’s licensed engineers can review electrical and production safety systems and work with you to ensure compliance. We are knowledgeable and experienced with many different facilities and operating philosophies and with current BSEE regulations.

Adley Services can do as little or as much as each project requires:

  • Final professional engineering review of a compliance submittal
  • Drafting of submittal drawings
  • Preparation of the documents and modification request
  • Submission on the client’s behalf to the proper regulatory agency

Rely on us to handle all aspects of system compliance.

MOC Reviews

Large loss events in the oil and gas industry are often triggered by changes in process chemicals, technology, equipment, procedures, number of staff, or operating conditions. Management of Change (MOC) ensures that risks and hazards are appropriately controlled when these changes are made. Under OSHA‘s Process Safety Management (PSM) standard, performing MOC is required when making any changes that could raise the risk levels of existing hazards or introduce new ones.

Our engineers are well-versed in MOC process safety protocols and requirements. We also understand that MOCs are interrelated to other process engineering and process safety deliverables. We can conduct a MOC for a small change or a large capital project. Our engineers can also resolve your open MOC action items. No project is too small, and we can assist at any stage of the action item.

Adley’s engineers work quickly and efficiently to accomplish research tasks, review options, work with operations, and report back with recommendations, datasheets, and procurement information.

Let us guide you through change with an efficient and accurate MOC.

Production Optimization

To survive a low oil price environment, oil & gas companies must reduce inefficiencies and maximize value from existing assets. Adley’s production optimization experts can help your facility reduce costs, streamline delivery, and improve your bottom line.

Optimization analysis is beneficial at almost any stage of a facility’s lifespan. Adley can conduct an evaluation of existing equipment when production rates have declined, or before anticipated additions. Our team can run calculations to identify unnecessary losses or pinch points that are limiting production. Vessel and piping sizes can be evaluated to ensure they are appropriately sized. In many cases, Adley can find solutions that allow for higher production rates with minimal modifications.

Production Optimization services include:

  • Production optimization of existing equipment
  • Model flowline options for routing selection
  • Analyze production paths within a multi-facility field
  • Determine optimal process flow and pipeline usage
  • Review facility control and shutdown philosophy

Adley understands how every adjustment can impact efficiency and profitability. We review options that weigh production rates versus the cost to ensure your success.

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Other Engineering Solutions

With more than 20 years in the industry, Adley is your full-service engineering solution provider. We can be your trusted partner on large, multi-discipline projects. We can also be your one-stop-shop for smaller tasks that require an engineering review.

Our expertise covers a wide range of other services:

  • API 653 and STI tank inspections
  • Mechanical, electrical, and structural design
  • Facility walkdowns
  • Write operating procedures
  • Pipeline/pipeline abandonment permitting and procurement projects
  • Design pipelines, risers, and subsea tie-ins for DOI and DOT compliance
  • Compliance with custody transfer and ROW/crossing agreements or reinstatement requirements

Adley Services is dedicated to earning your trust in every project, regardless of the size or scope.

Our Adley facilities engineering and design team specialize in oil & gas. Rely on us for any of your engineering needs.